Nav Mohammed

Curriculum Vitae

Full stack PHP developer based in Swindon. Strong background in OOP. Passion for developing back-end systems, with good knowledge and experience of developing front-end systems. Experience with many different back-end and front-end technologies, including Symfony2, Perch, AngularJS, and Twig.


I have been developing digital systems for over 6 years, with over 4 years of professional experience. My experience in the digital industry has allowed me to develop a strong understanding of application development and design, as well as the ability to work with many different technologies.

My professional experience has also allowed me to develop a strong ability to work well as part of a team, and as a sole developer.

JB Global (Oak Furniture Land) Developer From June 2016 (current active position)
7 Months
White October Developer From March 2013 to June 2016

I worked at White October, an award-winning digital agency based in Oxford, for over three years. Since joining in 2013, I had developed the ability to work with every web technology the digital agency employed. I worked on many projects (as a developer and a lead developer) varying in size (from small Perch sites and web-service APIs to large e-learning and e-commerce sites), all including their own set of challenges.

As a developer at White October, we would switch between technologies a lot, as we believed in using the right tool for the job. So my typical day at White October would involve working with many different technologies, such as Perch, Symfony2 and Drupal.

3 Years
3 Months
Oxford Web Junior Developer From February 2013 to March 2013

I joined Oxford Web voluntarily as a Junior Developer in early 2013, after finishing my 2-year course at college. I mainly worked on support requests that would vary in size (from small markup changes to new admin features). I also helped maintain their internal CMS.

As this was a voluntary position, I left Oxford Web shortly after joining, to join White October, another digital agency in Oxford.

2 Months

Technical skills

Over the past few years, as a professional developer working at a digital agency, I have developed the ability to work with many different programming languages, frameworks and content management systems.

Although my passion lies in back-end development, for the past three years, I have been developing software for back-end and front-end systems, using many different languages, frameworks and tools. My primary programming language is PHP - I have been developing in PHP5 for over 5 years, and I'm now actively developing in PHP7.

Programming languages:

  • PHP5 & PHP7
  • JavaScript
  • C


  • Symfony2
  • AngularJS
  • CakePHP(v2)

Testing frameworks:

  • PHPUnit
  • Behat
  • Nightwatch
  • Protractor

Content management systems:

  • Drupal(v7)
  • Perch
  • WordPress

Development tools:

  • Git
  • Vagrant
  • LESS
  • Gulp
  • Capistrano
  • Composer
  • NPM
  • Bower
  • Ansible


My career in software development began soon after finishing my 2-year extended ICT course at college. I made the decision to not enrol into higher education as I did not believe that it would be beneficial to me.

Since finishing college, I have worked as a professional software developer.

Abingdon & Witney College Extended Diploma in ICT From September 2010 to August 2012 PASS PASS MERIT